Krabi thief chops off cow’s tail

Krabi thief chops off cow’s tail

KRABI: A Krabi villager was dismayed to discover that an unknown thief had chopped off and stolen his cow’s tail when he left the animal out to graze overnight. Udom Yala, 37, a villager from Khao Khram in Krabi, said that his cow is still in pain, despite the incident having taken place three months ago. The 13-year-old cow, named Lai, is currently three months pregnant. She is still frightened of strangers and doesn’t let anyone but himself near her, says Mr Udom. “Lai is one of the four oxen that I have. About three months ago, I let them graze outside overnight. The next morning, when I went to untie them, I found

Tuesday, July 26, 2016 | 09:53 AM

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Man happily bears weight of devotion

PHUKET: We all have burdens to bear, but rarely can they be so accurately measured in weight as the 109 amulets that a Samut Prakarn man wears around his neck every day. It is with these more than three kilograms of amulets that 46-year-old Damrong Jeerayuchaiwattana pays his respects to a monk named Luang Phor Khun, reports Mr Damrong’s feverish praise of the monk comes from a life-saving miracle nearly 20 years ago. It was after receiving an amulet from Luang Phor Khun that he survived a horrendous motorbike accident – something that seemed impossible to survive, he explained. The man now has about 300 Luang Phor Khun amulets. However, even for him, it is impossible to wear all of them, so he chooses 109 each day to wear. Mr Damrong isn’t phased by the critics who say he wears too many. For him, he is paying the maximum respect to Luang Phor Khun. This article first appeared in the October 31-November 6 issue of the hard-copy Phuket Gazette newspaper. Di

Friday, November 6, 2015 | 09:08 AM

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Queer News: Locals say Naga's raising the road

PHUKET: A creaked, raised road in Surin filled locals with the belief earlier this year that perhaps the cavity below was made by a Naga, a deity in a number of eastern religions that takes the shape of a snake – sometimes with seven heads – or even a Buddha image. Villagers gathered at the site, only 300 meters from a local graveyard, and attempted to peek beneath the road into the steaming hole below as they recalled a number of ancient items having been found in the area before. A handful of people in the Thalang district gathered to pay their respects to the spirit living in the area. However, after a bit of further research they found that there was nothing below the uplifted road but steam. Surin area Chief Wanlop Ruangpornjaroen held a ceremony to make all those concerned happy and ensure them that any spirits would be appeased. However, he pointed out that they really should not be so superstitious. This article first appeared in the October 17-23 issue of the hard-copy

Friday, October 23, 2015 | 11:35 AM

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Thirsty spirit photographed in daylight

PHUKET: The strawberry drinks set out by locals to score winning lottery ticket numbers from an unlucky section of road, which was once home to a very lucky tree, are being drunk by either a ‘daytime’ spirit or just a bum, depending on who you speak to. The offerings, normally nam daeng ('strawberry drink'), are usually left by people seeking winning lottery numbers, reports. “There used to be a 100-year-old tree there that local people worshiped,” says Preecha Pipatpol of the Sawang Rojjana Thamsatan Rescue Foundation. “They tied colorful fabric around it to worship the tree spirit. Many times people won the lottery when they picked numbers from the tree. “But then the illegal lottery sellers were angry and set the tree on fire.” After the tree was burned down a road was built but locals believed the spot was unlucky. “A lot of accidents happened on the road near the site of the old tree, so people believe that the spirits are still around,” said Mr Pr

Friday, October 16, 2015 | 06:00 AM

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Groom gives bride a coffin

PHUKET: The cliche for weddings around the world is that ‘diamonds are forever’. However, the Thai groom from Loei Province had a different wedding gift idea that would be ‘forever’ – a coffin. Yes, a man named only as ‘Diao’ by dug in deep for a coffin for his bride-to-be for what he thought would be a valuable, lasting life lesson. Mr Diao explained that he thought during their life together money would only get spent, eventually leaving the couple broke. However, the coffin would stay with them forever, housing them for an eternity after death. The Edgar Allan Poe-like dowry gift shocked a number of people on Facebook, after pictures were posted by the bride under the Thai username Amp Poo Rak Sat See Ka Kang Thanon ('Amp the lover of four-legged animals on the side of a road). Lucky for Diao, he found a woman who didn’t get cold feet at what could have been mistaken as a thinly veiled threat or poor taste. This article first appeared in the August 15-21 issu

Thursday, August 20, 2015 | 10:00 AM

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Biker hounded by police

Biker hounded by police

PHUKET: Police are hunting for a man who authorized a dog to drive his motorcycle last week, according to a report on While the appearance of a dog driving a motorcycle without a helmet is not particularly unusual in Phuket, such is apparently not the case in Vietnam where a video gone viral has outraged the Hanoi traffic police. The video shows a man with a dog driving a Honda Dream in evening rush hour traffic. The clip is reported to have had 83,000 views on one Facebook page alone. “This act deserves harsh criticism and punishment,” local traffic police officer Nguyen Van Quy is quoted as saying by local

Friday, July 3, 2015 | 04:57 PM

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